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Cleaning Services in Peachtree City, GA

Cleaning Services in Peachtree City, GA

Unmatched Home Cleaning Service in Peachtree City, Better Prices, And Helping Locals in Need!

We at Cleaning With a Cause not only strive to be the best cleaning service with prices lower than other similar companies that are bonded/insured, but to also make a difference to those need. Our mission is to always give back to the community, helping community members in need in the Peachtree City area. That’s why a portion of our cleaning service fee goes to lend a helping hand. The list of charities we give to include Family Patterns Matter, Backpack Buddies, Bridging the Gap, and many others. When you use our company for home cleanings, you help to give back to those less fortunate in and around Fayette County.

Our top notch cleaners follow strict guidelines to give you the best home cleaning possible. We screen and hire those that have been cleaning in a professional capacity. Usually our cleaners are very familiar with the town they service and frequently have been living in the Peachtree City area for years. This familiarity adds comfort and meaning to what they do, and they are driven to always do a good job. We strive to find the most dependable and thorough individuals that carry the concept of what Cleaning With a Cause is working to accomplish.

Customized Home Cleanings

What if don’t need the whole area of your house cleaned? We say not a problem! We custom design a cleaning plan and price it to your needs! Your happiness is our top priority! This is different from how many companies pricing plans works. With others you’ll often pay for day rates or the size of your home. This is often a disservice to those that only need certain areas of their house cleaned. With our years of experience we can effectively identify your home cleaning needs.

Based on the size and needs of the job, we will send out one to two cleaners. If you have a really large home we can send even more cleaners to provide better, faster service! That’s because we understand your time is valuable and sometimes it’s ideal to have cleaners in an out relatively quickly in order to not disrupt your day. This concept often is a fit for those with very large homes or those with homes that have extended times between cleanings.

What to Expect

Some house cleaning companies may send you a different cleaner every time, for regular cleanings we try to send the same maids back to you each time as long as they are with us! This familiarity with the job site allows the cleaner we send to often realize the most efficient strategy to clean your home. This is great for you because we realize each house is different and each client has different needs. You may have children, pets, collectibles, guests, etc. that change the cleanliness of kitchens, bathrooms, and high traffic areas at a vastly different rate. When a dedicated house cleaner knows to priorities certain areas, their cleaning efficiency is increased.

Your Peace of Mind

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured home cleaning service unlike many individual cleaners. This makes hiring us to do the job very low risk to you. That’s because we do know life comes at you fast and sometimes changes need to happen. With Cleaning With a Cause’s larger employee base, when we do have cancellations we are able to reschedule in an efficient manner that makes the customers happy. Did you know we are very much a scheduling and solutions company as much as we are a cleaning company?

Peachtree City
Home Cleaning Service in the Beautiful Peachtree City, Georgia

House Cleaning Service in Peachtree City

We do cleanings to fit your family: one-time, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly options for your house or workplace. You may have a party of five or living solo, both instances can get messy at different rates. We do know that a single mom on the go can make just as much a mess as pets and kids, and the more on your plate, the less time you have for cleaning. There’s also the high earner that works long hours and want to prioritize their time at home with the family. After all, no one really enjoys cleaning on your days off.

So if you live in the town of Peachtree City or in the surrounding suburbs, and you are looking for a true value based home cleaning service that gives back to those in need-you have came to the right place. Cleaning With a Cause is here to assist and we would love the opportunity to schedule a free quote with you.

Guaranteed Service

If you are not happy with our job, just reach out and we will make it right. We want you to be very satisfied! Word of mouth for our company is huge because of the quality of our cleaning service and we want to keep it that way!

Helping The Needy

Cleaning With a Cause has donated over $20,000 dollars in the last 3 years through THE CAUSE to assist locals in need.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

Just Contact us
Expect the Best
We are VERY picky about the cleaners we work with – many of our ladies were supervisors, trainers, managers with other companies or have just being doing this a quite some time. Our cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry. Cleaning is what they LIKE to do and they put their all into it!
Save Money & Time
Even though we are one of the top rated companies in the cleaning sector, our costs also tend to be lower than most other licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning organizations.
Helping Locals in Need
A portion of the profits are donated to assisting locals in need. Over $20,000 has been donated from our company, Cleaning with a Cause in the last 3 years.