Our Goal

Cleaning Services in Newnan, GA

Cleaning Service in Newnan, GA

Providing Unmatched Cleaning Service, Lower Prices, And Helping Locals in Need!

At Cleaning with a Cause our top priority is to not only be the best cleaning service with prices lower than other similar companies, bonded, insured cleaning companies, but to also make a difference to those needing donations.

Our professional cleaners follow strict guidelines to give you the best cleaning possible.

You don’t need the whole house cleaned? Not a problem! We tailor fit a cleaning plan and price to your needs! Your happiness is our top goal!

Depending on the work of the job, we send out 1-2 cleaners. If you have a really huge job we can send even more cleaners to provide better, faster service!

Unlike some cleaning companies may send you different cleaners every time, for regular cleanings we send the same cleaners back to you each time as long as they are with us when possible!

Your Peace of Mind – We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company unlike many independent cleaners.

We offer cleanings to fit your needs: one-time, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly options for your house or office.

You are in control. Off-limit areas or areas that need special cleaning – we will discuss specifics with you prior to cleaning so we know exactly what you need!


If you are not happy with something, just reach out and we will make it right. We want you to be very satisfied! Word of mouth for our company is huge because of the quality of our cleanings and we want to keep it that way!

Making a Difference

Cleaning With a Cause has donated over $20,000 in the last 3 years through THE CAUSE to help locals in need.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

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Your Standard is Our Standard
We are VERY picky about the cleaning ladies we hire – many of our cleaners were supervisors, trainers, managers with other companies or have just being doing this a long term . Our cleaners are some of the best in the industry. This is what they LIKE to do and they put their all into it!
Lower Cost, Better Service
Even though we are one of the top rated companies in the entire industry, our fees also tend to be lower than most other licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning companies.
Helping Locals in Need
A portion of the profits go towards assisting locals in need. Over $20,000 has been donated from our company, Cleaning with a Cause in the last 3 years.