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Quality Cleaning Service, Bargain Prices, And Helping Those Locals in Need!

At Cleaning with a Cause not only do we strive to be the best cleaning service with prices lower than others that are, bonded, insured cleaning services, but to also make a difference by donating to “The Cause”.

Our cleaning company follows very strict instruction to give you the best cleaning possible.

What if you don’t need your whole house cleaned in Buford, GA? No problem! We’ll plan a custom cleaning guide and at a cost to your needs! Your happiness makes our day!

Then depending on the size of your home, we send out 1-2 maids. If you have a really large office area we can send even more cleaners to provide faster and better service!

You may have seen other companies that send you a different maid every visit, for scheduled cleanings we try to send the same cleaners back to you each time as long as they are with the company!

Trusted – We are a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning service company unlike many individual cleaners.

We do home cleaning only when you want: one-time, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly options for your house or workplace.

It’s your home, you tell us where and how we clean it. Got rooms you want to skip or special areas that need more detail cleaning – we will go over specifics with you on the phone prior to cleaning so we know exactly what you expect!

Trusted Quality

If you are not happy with the quality of our cleanings, just reach out and we will correct the issue. We want you to be very satisfied! The reputation for our company is important because of the quality of our cleaning service and we want to keep it that way!

Helping The Needy

Cleaning With a Cause has donated over $20,000 dollars in the last 3 years to assist locals in need via “The Cause”.

If you’re not happy, just let us know and
we’ll work to make it right

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Expect the Best
We are VERY picky about the cleaners we choose to hire – many of our ladies were supervisors, trainers, managers with other companies or have just being doing this a quite some time. Our cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry. Cleaning is what they LIKE to do and they put their all into it!
Save Money & Time
Even though we are one of the top rated companies in the cleaning sector, our costs also tend to be lower than most other licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning organizations.
Helping Locals in Need
A portion of the profits are donated to assisting locals in need. Over $20,000 has been donated from our company, Cleaning with a Cause in the last 3 years.