Cleaning With A Cause

The Cause

It's Local

Cleaning with a Cause is a local, family-owned and operated home cleaning service that strives to help feed local needy people. Five percent of every sale goes to buy food for local people in their time of need. That portion of YOUR money goes back into YOUR community! No matter whether you live in Newnan, Peachtree City, Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta or any of the many other area cities that we service, we buy food for needy people in YOUR specific city. This way, you know you are helping feed people within your own community. Five percent of every home cleaning service adds up fast and can really make a difference for A LOT of local people in need!

Many organizations just write a check to donate - that is not us - we actually go out, hand pick, purchase the food ourselves and take it to local food pantries or directly to needy families. The reason for doing it this way is special to the owners... When Jeremy Bollinger, "The Dad" of Cleaning with a Cause, was a young kid and canned food drives would come around knocking on his parent's door, he would never want to give up the "good stuff" that he wanted to eat for himself. So, he would scour the back of the pantry for some old beans or something else that he or likely no one else would want to eat. Later, Jeremy became an Eagle Scout, and in scouting, he helped with canned food drives himself and noticed other people doing the same thing when donating food. When he would knock on doors to collect food, many would come back with cans of food that had been relegated to the back of their pantries too! We want to make sure the 5% we donate goes directly to buying food that people actually WANT to eat and that will bring a smile to the faces of those who receive it in their time of need.

One of the small things we want to be able to do is buy cookies to give to families whose kids don't get "extra" things like that very often - this small treat can really brighten a kid's day! Lauren Bollinger, "The Mom" of the Cleaning with a Cause family, was working in a local food pantry one day and they told her one of the things they needed the most was toilet paper. Toilet paper!!! This is taken for granted by many of us, but not for people who have had to choose between purchasing toilet paper or food! So, EVERY TIME we use the 5% of proceeds to purchase food for your community, we will also use our own money and purchase other basic necessities like toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap to donate. Together, we can really make a difference for many LOCAL people, all while giving you the best house cleaning with our professional cleaning ladies.